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Maria Estela Ramos

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Hello Maria,
Excited to have found your publication, "Ambiances in ‘Black Urban Areas’, Salvador City, Bahia, Brazil" and would love to know more about your doctoral research.

In 2014, I defended my graduate thesis on collective memory, Black identity, and urban change in West Oakland, California (for the completion of the Master of City Planning, and the Master of Landscape Architecture at UC, Berkeley). I am fascinated by the ability urban landscapes have to not only be the staging grounds for cultural practices, but to also be representative of cultural and ethnic heritages. I find a lot of value in the capacity of this research to help discern the role urban landscapes and public space will have in future societies with intensive political divisiveness (such as Brazil, the US, the UK, and more), and demographically complex urbanization (immigration, gentrification, and displacement). Its these broad interests, Black Identity/African Diaspora, collective memory, and urban change that I want to put towards a Fulbright research project in Salvador. Would love know more about your research.

Paul McGehee, Salvador, BA

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